A graduate from Charleston School of Law, Wylie W. Clarkson is a passionate attorney who believes in doing what’s right for his clients. He is a member of the South Carolina Bar and the Richland County Bar Association. Wylie primarily handles consumer debt collection and commercial debt collection matters. He represents creditors in bankruptcy and difficult commercial collection cases.



A graduate from the University of South Carolina, Eric Hale is a dependable aid for your legal needs. Like Wylie, he is also a member of the South Carolina Bar and the Richland County Bar Association. He takes on cases that revolve around litigation matters and represents individuals as well as businesses.



Elias is an associate of the firm. He studied business administration and law at the University of South Carolina. His work with Clarkson & Hale isn’t tied to just one area as he plays a crucial role in every case. He is a member of the South Carolina Bar and Richland County Bar Association.



Kevin Corley received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of South Carolina Aiken in 1997, and a Juris Doctor from the University of South Carolina in 2002. Kevin joined the team after fifteen years of experience, practicing both family law and criminal defense, both in private practice and as a public Defender.

Practice Areas


At Clarkson & Hale, our attorneys are experienced in collecting debts from various industries. The solutions we develop are unique to your business. With a variety of tools and specialized software at our disposal, we know how to stay within regulatory compliance boundaries while also getting you the results you need.

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Judgment Enforcement

We know from experience that securing a judgment is just the first step. Collecting the debt is a completely different process. In South Carolina, there are unique obstacles to hurdle — like the fact that judgments expire within 10 years. We know how to overcome these stumbling blocks so you can collect.

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Business Litigation

From breached contracts to claims against other businesses, we know how to handle business litigation. We’ve dealt with cases involving breaches of contract, business fraud, and more. Our team knows how to move you past legal issues no matter how big or small. Allow us to help with your business dispute today.

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4 Facts About Collections Recovery

The law is designed to help you

Freedom is best enjoyed within certain borders and boundaries. We can show you just how amazing it is to have the law on your side.

Documentation is key

Collect the facts. Keep track of the data. The more you have on record, the better the strategy we can build to get the matter resolved.

You need to avoid debt harassment

It can be frustrating when people who owe you money are giving you the runaround. Our practices get the job done sans the exasperating tactics so you don’t get into trouble.

A lawsuit isn’t your only option

There are other ways to go about making wrongs right. While we don’t mind taking it there, we also have strategic measurements in place to get results.

If a person or business owes you money, you have the right to collect. Let us help you manage the process.

It goes without saying that the situation you’re in is a stressful experience. There’s business to conduct and time can’t be wasted chasing down people who have yet to pay. At the same time, getting paid is what makes a business a business. By allowing us to take over the task of collecting debt, you can shift your focus back to growing your company. We have the skills and the passion you need to get the results you want.

Speed increases your chances of success


Areas We Serve

Columbia, SC

Columbia has a reputation for bringing yesterday’s tradition and tomorrow’s innovation together. It delights us to help the people of Columbia thrive.

Lugoff, SC

Lugoff may be a small town, but don’t underestimate its strength. We can help you overcome your legal issues if you live here.

South Carolina

Known for its beaches and sea islands, South Carolina has a rich history that plays a critical role in the shaping of America as we know it today. It’s a privilege to serve people all over this great state.


From information and data security to health insurance, just about every industry has regulatory compliance laws. These types of laws have become increasingly obtrusive. When companies and organizations don’t adhere to these standards, legal punishment and federal fines can occur.

Major alterations have taken place within the debt collection industry. These changes help us stay aligned with compliance regulations and keep things on the straight and narrow. There are new technologies our firm has adapted in particular to further warrant our efficiency. As a result, you know you’re always in good hands.

We recognize that maintaining a regulatory compliant status isn’t to be taken lightly and doesn’t come by being lackadaisical with our practices. We take pride in making every effort to stay on top of our strategies and tactics in getting you the results you need without crossing any boundaries.

Allow us to alleviate your concerns. Yes, we will work hard to meet your expectations. Yes, we recognize those expectations include helping you stay within regulatory compliance. Let us know what you want to achieve on a short and long-term basis. From there, we’ll monitor those goals and help you get results within the proper confines.