Great Lawyer

Great lawyer got my DUI case dismissed. Kept me informed every step of the way. Eric Hale really does what he can do to help you in your case. Great guy!


Problem Solved

Great guy and better lawyer!! Appreciate everything that he did for me. We all make mistakes and if you ever need someone you can trust and is looking out for you, Eric Hale is the person to call!


Above and Beyond Expectations

"I have good news to share..." That was what Eric first said when I answered the phone the other day and I knew he got what I wanted. That was just a little over one month after I got arrested for a stupid mistake I made on that fateful afternoon. Yes, my case was dismissed and gone to diversion program; the best possible I can ask for.

I found Eric on AVVO. I figured if so many people have good words for him, he must be doing something right. But one thing that did worry us is his clients are mostly DUI related with only a few criminal defense cases. But after I contacted 4 different criminal defense lawyers, what Eric said hit with me the most.

With me as an immigrant without a US citizenship, he was able to immediately identify the most important issues with my cases after I talked to him. And more importantly, the expected results and the way he said he would present my cases to the prosecutor is exactly what I wanted. Also, he charges a reasonable legal fee.

For the results and the time it took to get the result, it is worth every penny of it. The rest just played out as he said it would. I was informed every step of the ways and know exactly what I should do and should not do (don't bother him too much, just let him do the work. :-)

One thing that impressed me the most is his hard-working attitude and his ability to get to the point so fast, talk fast and even type fast. No nonsense. Straight business. Love it!! Eric delivered above and beyond our expectation! He is the man! Thanks again!

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